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I mean why cant you use the main inventory slots for equipment too? And i am tired of not having room because of all the dirt and rocks i collect why is there not a delete button i hope to find treasure chests so i can cram all my crap in them and leave them for good or i carry a treasure chest with me and have to dump items in them all the time! Heroes & Generals | Rock Paper Shotgun War Changes: Heroes & Generals Updates. By Adam Smith • 6 years ago • 11 . The current IO Interactive may not be developing the next Hitman game but some of the studio's founders didn't work on Absolution either - they've been working on multilayered multiplayer WWII FPS Heroes & Generals at their new company Reto-Moto. From Russia with love: Heroes & Generals update adds Soviet ...

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The Problems (and Solutions) with Heroes & Generals – It's ... Heroes & Generals (H&G) is a game I have a very much love-hate affair with. Despite everything (and all the problems I will talk about below) I do keep coming back to it, and often, I find myself having great fun. There is, in many ways, a depth to the game seldom achieved by other first person shooters. Account Settings - Heroes & Generals Create an account. For any questions or assistance please visit our Support section.Support section.

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I am on Rank 15 in my infantry player, i ve just purchased two Guard teams and deployed them in a war. i tried much but could not get any detailed info about this kind of war on youtube, and on wiki. thehoon - Heroes & Generals Sign In